Being grateful is a habit that needs to be cultivated. Children are not automatically grateful, they have to be taught. Being grateful is the action of taking stock of how blessed we really are. It’s more than just saying thank you, it takes focus. Repetition is the key to remembering how abundant we really are. How often do you take what you have for granted?

I do. For example, when I’m sick I say to myself, “I’m going to be so glad when I’m feeling better.” However, when I do recover, almost instantly I start taking my good health for granted. Imagine being in the desert for hours with no shade and no water, how good it would be to have running water to drink and the cool shade of a beautiful tree to sit under. Look around and take note of your access to clean running water and the abundance of trees, we are truly rich.


I was driving my car this morning and it occurred to me that one day I might lose my mental faculties and be unable to drive. I decided to feel the joy and ease of driving the car because one day it might be gone. Then I thought about my fully functioning limbs and how easy it is for me to do all the daily tasks I need to do. How blessed is that? I have an abundance of health right now and how often do I give thanks for this? Not often enough.

I rush around and get caught up in getting myself ready for the future. I run that bath and then let it drain, all without giving thanks and a moments thought about the luxury of hot clean running water. Blessings are bestowed on me daily. I go about my day and forget to take a moment to say thank you for another day lived well.


Today I’m taking a moment to focus my attention on my blessings; my family who love me, clean clothes and good health, music that fills my heart and the world with joy… the list is endless. Smiles, fresh air, friendly dogs, a warm bed, I can read and write… I am gorgeous 🙂 that sort of thing lol x

So many people spend time looking at lack, this poverty mentality always leaves us thinking we need more. The poorest of the poor can look upon what they have with gratitude, it is a matter of focus. Gratitude is an action, the action produces energy and that energy gives you a higher vibration. It makes us feel good when we focus on the blessings of the universe. Therefore, inducing a vibration of gratitude through your focus will bring more things (to be grateful for) into your experience. This is the law of attraction. Like attracts like. See my blog on Morning Routine here.

Attitude of gratitude

A daily habit of gratitude will change your life. Harness the power of gratitude.

Peace and love,

Lizzie xxx

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