I have spent many years collecting and, sometimes, reading self-help books. Over the last ten years, I’ve listened to countless different teachers on youtube/ audible every night. In my teenage years, I was inspired and passionate about the teachings I discovered. I had this drive inside me to grab life by the horns. According to […]


Thank you for reading this or not. Thank you for being you. Thank you for doing another day. It’s Thanks Giving Monday here in Canada and it’s time to rise and shine. I’m sitting on my bed, eating a vegan bacon sandwich, it’s lush. I’ve gotta get out this morning and do a meeting. I’ve […]


I’m a day late with this one but better late than never. What I really love about the celebration of awareness is the openness with which people discuss their struggles on social media. Friends write long posts detailing their journeys. The support and acceptance I observe are really positive. World Mental Health Day celebrates awareness for the […]


Making time for play is important. “The dolphins know the importance of playing, as joy creates miracles and manifestation.” This compliments what I was talking about yesterday in my blog on the ‘law of attraction.’ The next part of the law of attraction is the ‘art of allowing.’ Once you have decided and visualized what […]

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