We are infinitely creative beings, everything you look at was created by someone, that chair, your phone, this blog. Even our vegetables have been super-X-maxed by crazy scientists. We exist to create. Think about it, as humans, we are constantly evolving. Therefore, our potential is ‘potentially’ limitless. I have a whisper of a quote on the edge of my mind, and I don’t know who said it. I paraphrase;

“Humans are like children who only know how to add and subtract. They think that they know everything, but the nature of reality is complex mathematics and humans have no idea what is actually available to them.”

I love that quote, it’s a reminder to stay openminded. We are scarily conditioned at an early age to follow authority without question; “do what the teacher says and believe what you read” and “the doctor knows best,” and “the law is the law.”

All you have to do is look back 100 years to see the outdated, horrifying practices of the medical profession. Or, the corruption of governmental control, or read what scientists believed about the world. In 100 years from now, what do you think they will say about our ignorance? Remember, however much we think we know, it’s never the full story.

“What I know with absolute certainty is that I don’t know anything.”

Lizzie Allan


I have learned, from personal experience, that what I focus my mind on is creative. The mind is a creative engine that never stops running. When I’m asleep it’s churning out dreams and when I’m awake; thoughts, dreams, ideas, brainwaves and who knows what else!? If left to its own devices, the mind runs riot. It’s called fear.

How often have you read something or heard some news and then, repeated it to someone else as if it were a sure-as-day fact that you had verified yourself?? I have, too many times to count. It’s scary. Egoically, people like to feel important and being ‘in the know,’ can help with that type of crazy. But, the truth is, we don’t really know anything. I paraphrase again;

You cannot rely on anything you see online as factual, with the age of social media, comes an age of targeted propaganda.

‘The Great Hack’ a documentary on Netflix.

My mind is a beautiful, creative engine. When it’s in the service of my heart. If the mind has lost connection with the heart, it will create fear. The mind imagines not-so-nice outcomes, or, it latches onto rhetoric and images of terror and horror that are, all too easily, accessible in this fear-based reality. Yes, this fear-based reality we live in.

Very few governments are leading with their hearts, that you can be sure of. I have no idea if lower energy forces are controlling my mind when I am disconnected from the source/love energy. However, what I do know is that I feel whole, safe and complete when my heart is leading me and not some jacked-up fear-based bullshit like Trump and Hitler spin or a fearful attack thought response to them.


When we are guided by our hearts, how can we fail? I know a sociopathic leader when I see one, and regardless of what spin they put on reality, I can still choose another reality. Most governments of the world are hell-bent on power and control, not peaceful co-operation which would surely benefit all.

FYI: Marianne Williamson running for president is the most exciting evolution of politics I have ever witnessed, although she may not win, she is talking with love on a political platform and that is CHANGE. Change is inevitable.

“Thoughtful” people using thought to change the world

Currently, we are born into a system which is fear-based, not-enough-to-go-round, poverty mentality, egocentric and limited. We, unwittingly, buy into it. Without realizing, we join the voices and repeat the lies and thus, these are the beliefs that inform our personal realities.

What if we switched it up and pulled our attention away from the fear-based thought systems that are sold to us daily, and moved our attention into the heart? What would happen I wonder? Would we join our powerful minds to a collective conciousness of love? And what would happen then? “Oh Lizzie you’re such a hippy!” you laugh. Am I though? Have you ever tried it?


It’s brilliant, exciting and empowering. I only need to change my own thoughts to change the world. We can choose to focus our mind and the heart, on thoughts of love. If fear creeps in, it’s okay because fear isn’t actually real, it’s in your mind. Choose again, visualize and call in the light with your powerful mind. You have control. My world is inside me. Your world is inside you.


Yes, it’s absolutely convincing! The mind is like a TV screen and when we watch the fearful thoughts in full technicolor it’s terrifying. And, that’s the beauty of reality, it feels so real, doesn’t it!? Why are we taking life so seriously? We all die, right? Then what? do we cease to exist? I doubt it. This short stay on ‘earth,’ as we call it, is surely just a dream! Therefore, if this is just a dream then we CAN change it. The waking dream is a ‘lucid dream’ where we can choose to fly or choose to die.

Why do we go through life taking our information, about reality, from fearful ignorant people? I ask that not in judgment. I am constantly falling down in my efforts to stay connected to love/truth. That’s the duality of existence, we are constantly bouncing between love and fear (unless we reach enlightenment and good luck with that.) But, why not consciously choose the most beautiful reality you can dream up? Why not hold that vision in your mind and heart and share it with all you meet?

Let not, the reality of another sway your dream. Why not give it a go? You might change the world.

Love from Lizzie xx

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