Yesterday I was writing the script for our Mad Hatter’s Fashion Show and Tea. I was enjoying myself immensely, laughing out loud and forcing my disinterested partner to listen to my fashion show commentary. I shouldn’t say she’s disinterested, more like absorbed in her own To-do-list, which I must say is extensive. In my humble opinion, this is going to be the most ridiculous fashion show on earth and now I can’t wait. Plus, it’s for a worthy cause, a double whammy.


A bunch of us from ‘Addictive Comedy’ attended a serious fashion show fundraiser a few months ago. We enjoyed the fashion show tea and silent auction put on by Avalon Women’s Recovery Society. We realised that afternoon that the comic potential was HUGE! That afternoon as the models paraded up and down wearing summer beiges and accessories from the local shops, Karina looked at me, eyes glinting, “we need to do this, it’s too funny. I already knew what she was going to say. “I know, let’s do it!”



Out of date caste offs and has-been garments have been provided by the generous Peace Arch Hospice Society Thrift Store. Our fashion team is headed by Karina and greatly assisted by Carolyn and Ellen. We have fourteen gorgeous male and female models, all shapes and sizes just like the good Lord made us! Next Sunday, 22nd September between 2-4, at Elgin Hall! The models will don ludicrous outfits on the catwalk with the most ridiculous commentary you ever heard from yours truly. Get tickets here. What better way to spend your time?


My job is to describe what they are wearing and host the event. Writing yesterday I realized, again, how much I love to ‘find the funny’ in things. It’s such a gift to be able to laugh and I mean really laugh, and do it with friends.



This world with all its goings-on is far too serious sometimes. The truth is we all experience trauma and loss. I don’t think anyone can escape it. Our stories are different and that’s the beautiful rich tapestry of life. The human experience comes with trauma and loss as standard. It’s how we connect with others (or not,) through those experiences, that dictates the amount to which the trauma/loss has a negative hold on us. We all have emotional baggage that we drag around, some of us unpack it and get rid of some every so often. While, some of us just pretend we aren’t carrying a thing. Dear friends, it’s a rare find to meet a person who doesn’t give themselves a really hard time, just for being who they are. Is that you?

We are in this thing called “LIFE” together, isn’t it more fun to have a really good laugh about it… together! I’ve purposefully centered my career on comedy and comedy therapy and I’ve learned that we have got to get real, cry and shout if we need to and then have a really big laugh together, it really clears the heaviness. Indeed, it’s laughter that brings joy, a shared identity, and ultimately gladness. Laughter brings connection and healing to some of the most heartbreaking experiences that we as humans have to endure. Isn’t that worth laughing for?


Anyway, that little rant from my heart is over! I am two-thirds of the way through that script and I’m happy to say that it’s writing itself. Even though, I must be present to finish it. So on with my day.

Also, if you are at all interested. My partner (the smartest person I have ever met) has jazzed up my website. Most noteworthy is the moving homepage- a video methinks. You can take a look at her handiwork here I better get on with the day now. Big love.

Love you all very much,

Lizzie xxx

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