I’m going to talk about the law of attraction. The law of attraction as a subject that has only recently hit the mainstream in the last 20 years or so. Personally, I have been aware of its implications since my teenage years when I started reading so-called ‘new age’ books. Later, I bought The Secret at NY airport to read on my way home from a solo trip in 2009. That trip was full of auspicious coincidences or synchronicities and reading The Secret on my way home rounded the trip off nicely. However, this book, in my opinion, oversimplifies the law of attraction and has left out some key information. I prefer the teachings of Abraham brought through by Ester Hicks, it’s a little zanier but she gets the point across beautifully.

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The law of attraction is simple; ‘like energy attracts like energy.’ Every thought we have, every word we speak, every action we take has energy. Energy vibrates at different frequencies, for example, thoughts of gratitude resonate higher than anxious fearful thoughts. The law of attraction will bring you more of whatever vibration you are emitting.

Attracting like minded people is energetic

Let’s say that two people have the very same circumstances. One person counts their blessings and the other only thinks and speaks about what they lack. The first person has a high vibration of gratitude, and according to the law of attraction will attract more things/reasons to be grateful. The person who has the fear and lack will attract more experiences of, yes, you guessed it, fear and lack. Absolutely everything is energy, money is energy, physical things are energy and we are energy. The universe will reflect whatever energy you put out.

You can trust Norman, he knows what’s up!

In short, you have the power to change and better your own situation. You have ownership over your reality. This is great because we don’t have to be victims. “Poor me, poor me, look how terrible my life is.” If you are thinking or saying anything along those lines, chances are you are not going to improve your situation any time soon.

If you changed that thinking into something that had a better-feeling energy (see Hicks) you would attract into experiences, the right people, and opportunities that better your situation. “poor me,” could turn into, “even though I’ve got very little money in the bank, it’s ok because I am learning from this experience. I have enough to feed myself and there are so many opportunities in the world. What is mine is coming.” We create our reality with our inner life and our inner life creates our reality.

We create our future reality by visualizing and then feeling with all our senses what that feels like. “When I have that good job, doing that thing I love most, surrounded by great people who love and respect me I will feel…” You must ‘act and feel’ as if it is already so, have joy, gratitude and, excitement in your heart right now for the things that are coming, despite, how ‘dissatisfactory’ your current circumstances may be. Act as if you are already winning.

We can all look around and find the abundance that already exists. Those beautiful trees, the music, the fresh air, the birds, the beautiful smiles you can get from strangers. This world is rich with beauty, love, and abundance if you can just ‘will it’ to be your focus.

In the West, in particular, we are known for our undisciplined thinking, our monkey minds go wherever they want. The fear-based culture of news, corrupt politics, violent entertainment and so on, create havoc in our psyche. Thoughts are like light beams in a light bulb, they can cancel each other out. Yes, no, yes, no, I can, I can’t, I can, I can’t. What are we thinking, feeling and doing?

Is this how bright you want to shine?

Thoughts, feelings, and actions have to be like a laser beam, all the light beams point in one direction. Yes, yes, yes, I can, I can, I can. See it, feel it, do it.

Laser beam of intention.

In other cultures where meditation, yoga, prayer and other forms of mind aligners are practiced. People are calmer and more peaceful, which of course, attracts more calm and peace to your experience. Peace and calm are surely some of the main ingredients to happiness.

Look what I found, real cheesy

It’s gentle yoga tonight for me!

Have a good day,


Lizzie xxx

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