I have a practice every morning which has become as much a part of my life as brushing my teeth. I have a little area set up which is a little chaotic because its the only area my partner doesn’t tidy up, I’ve banned her habitual tidying. To me its Chaordic the place between chaos and order… no it’s just messy.

The vision and dreams (hippy central)

I avoid my phone, drink some water, make a coffee and then sit on my meditation chair. Light a candle, maybe an incense stick. Although, I’ve used all the good ones and the ones I have left give me the feeling that Buddha left the building cos his lungs were on fire.

My thinking is good, my actions are good, my life is good!

The first thing I do is write a page of affirmations in my moleskin diary. These I can center around any wayward thinking I might have or if I’m needing a push I will pick some cards from a couple of decks. This part takes 3-5 mins. It’s a chance to say thanks for all that I do have. Cultivate my ‘Attitude of Gratitude.’ Everyone knows that being grateful is the fastest way to manifest your dreams and visions into reality.

My creativity is infinite. Fact.

After that I close my eyes and bring my attention into my heart space, it’s not the actual heart but the centre of my chest, it’s known as the spiritual heart centre. Don’t get me wrong, I am not an expert at concentrating and often I don’t even manage to pull my monkey mind there at all. But when I do manage a few moments I can feel a huge expansive feeling of love and if I’m feeling particularly concentraty I will imagine this love energy growing till it fills the room, then the house then the whole world and out into endless space. This is visualization and it is POWERFUL. I will never underestimate the power of my own heart to change my world. Love is the only truth.

This is me in a past life.

I joke about being Jesus because when I was in a psychiatric hospital 19 years ago, I had this feeling that this massive love was pulsing out of my very being like I was made of love and light or love light as it’s really one and the same. The only conclusion my tiny drugged up mind could make (at the time) was that I must be ‘He’ returned. Lucky for me I have the good sense to see Jesus, not as the ‘only son of god’ but as one of us, we are all children of the universe and just like Jesus we all have the capacity to love and heal ourselves and each other. That’s my take away from the psych ward and so… well worth a visit.

To the right of Jesus is this laughing chap, I just like his face.

My vision board is also a huge part of my morning experience. It’s there giving me sneaky subliminal messages. These are my destinations. This is my creative ‘To-do List.’

After a little shut eye heart time. I ask my higher power, The Source of Love for guidance and clarity. All I want is to be a good person in my daily dealings with people and the world and keep my side of the street clean. Keep joy in my heart and connect with others in meaningful ways. Is that too much to ask? Of course not!

Then I write my journal. I have kept a journal on and off for 20 years and I have quite a lot of material for a book. I met a great man who was invited to my show on Friday, he has joined our comedy therapy club team (Blog to follow about that.) He told me “Lizzie you have to write your blog every day. No one will read it but you will be writing and you will write a book and you will be my hero forever!!” Ok, he didn’t say that last part but I read between the lines. I’m fairly sure that is what he said with his heart. Thanks, Mr. P for your huge capacity to see the future and for motivating me to write again 🙂

Vision for me.