I am moving to Vancouver in 15 days. I’m going on my own, I don’t know anyone there and I haven’t found a place to live yet. I haven’t got a job except my trade, which is performing comedy and raps about recovery from mental health and addiction.

Am I afraid? No. I am more afraid of staying here and getting trapped in a routine.

I have spent the last year working in central Lancashire for a Charity that aims to connect people in addiction to a wider network of recovery, through volunteer work, training and meaningful activity. Its been an amazingly creative role which I have performed with passion. But however rewarding my employment may be, following my dream always seems to come at the end of the day after I had used all my energy up on my job.

I have decided its time to leap, I have every faith the net will appear. I am creating space and total freedom in my life to concentrate on the dream that was given to me. Sometimes I get so busy I forget about my dream, my vision, my purpose. It doesn’t let me forget for long though. It bubbles and burns inside me like hot lava. From personal experience it’s always safer to respect the volcano.

At first my boss said, take 3 months and we’ll hold your job. I thought this was great, I felt valued but then I realised it was causing me heaviness, the idea of coming back felt like a death sentence to my dream. So I went back into work and told her to give my job away. I had heard a story about the Vikings, they used to arrive on the shores of a country they wanted to conquer and burn their boats, their intention was to succeed of die trying. I’m not invading Canada, that’s been done already and I don’t think I will die if I don’t succeed. I just mean I am putting everything into this mission. No plan B.

My mission; is not wealth, nor romance, power or fame its simply to create enough space inside and out to connect with the power that created my dream so that I can live it out in the most beautiful way possible, everything else is just a bonus.