Making time for play is important. “The dolphins know the importance of playing, as joy creates miracles and manifestation.” This compliments what I was talking about yesterday in my blog on the ‘law of attraction.’ The next part of the law of attraction is the ‘art of allowing.’

Magical mermaid and dolphin cards (here)

Once you have decided and visualized what you want to attract you have to allow it to come into fruition. Remember the old story of the farmer who was so eager to assist his crops, he went out at night and tugged on the new shoots. You cannot hasten the harvest. You have to let go and allow things to manifest at the right time, trusting that it’s coming to you. The way to do this is to keep your vibrations high through play.

Having fun is number one!

Creating space in your life for playtime is one of the ways you can do this. Make some time to see your friends, play team sports, do something silly and fun. For example, come to an Addictive Comedy show (hint hint) or take a comedy course. Whatever it is, just get out there and have some fun. This helps create a healthy balance and feelings of well being, which are like ‘laser’ ways to manifest quickly.

Have a great day,


Lizzie xxx

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