Everything person-made started as an idea. Ideas are the beginning of everything. Social constructs like schools, money, systems of government all started as ideas. Flashes of inspiration that were then followed through. So many things that we see as normal and every day, were actually once a radical idea. Some good and some not so good.

Radical ideas are important because we have to keep evolving. Today huge corporate engines control decision making at governmental levels, corrupt systems that are old and outdated push us around. The corrupted money system formed to encourage and create debt. Who owns the central banks? Why do they get all the power? Too much energy directed at the war machine, with the objective being to take control of the world’s finite resources and then sell them back to us at ever-increasing prices.

The way we ‘buy into’ these man-made economic systems like they are as natural as a tree growing, is utter madness. Yet we all do it. Are we crazy fools ignoring the facts? What will we buy with our money when we have no more resources? Nestle water bottles? We waste everything because instead of using resources as just that, resources, we use them to make money. Things are made to break on purpose so we consume more and more. The government supports this ridiculous ‘throwaway culture’ of madness. It’s like none of us can escape this system. Everything we do right now is insane. INSANE.

Come on don’t be scared look around


What if the current, seemingly insurmountable, system of control was actually a house of cards and the only thing propping it up was our belief in it? I’ll repeat that; THE ONLY THING KEEPING THIS CORRUPT SYSTEM IN PLACE IS OUR BELIEF IN IT? It might just be as easy as turning away from the old system, like ignoring a child that’s having an unreasonable tantrum. If we are spiritual beings then our potential is (HERE) limitless. If we are limitless beings then we can dream up a new reality that co-operates with nature instead of strangling her. We might just be powerful beyond measure. What a radical idea.

The way the world is heading with the climate crisis, what do we think is going to happen? These sociopathic government leaders and systems of control that keep the poor stuck and suffering, are fear-based, outdated and dangerous. The truth is these current toxic systems have a total disregard for human and animal life. Why are we participating?

A bare-faced lier is in charge of America, a fat little bully is in charge of North Korea, a control freak in charge of Russia… to name but a few. And these people have power only because we give them power. Voting for the next ‘this or that’ is absolutely useless because THE SYSTEM IS ALREADY BROKEN. It’s GONE TOO FAR!

Love casts out fear.


The truth is we have access to more power than we ever knew possible. When we go within ourselves and center we can activate our hearts and minds. We can stop buying the fear pills and start seeing the truth; we are naturally self-organizing, naturally helpful and cooperative and we are educated and intelligent enough to see for ourselves that another way is not only possible but necessary. All I am asking is to start dreaming the dream of a more loving co-operative world where we value each other and share our resources properly. We can become a healthy unit and we can THRIVE (great resource here.)


Don’t believe the hype. Fear is not your friend.

Keep believing the impossible, it’s the only thing that’s ever made anything probable.

Lizzie Allan

Have a great day and don’t worry,

Life is but a dream,

Lizzie xxx

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