Yesterday was Recovery Day BC 2019. I was MC for stage 2 all day. Introducing bands, talking to the people, talking about my jeans shorts (which I made myself.) Firstly, it was really life-affirming working with a happy supportive team, made up of talented people in recovery. Secondly, what a turnout! There were thousands of people out in force to celebrate recovery.

Check out the live clip of our Recovery Day BC comedy show on my home page HERE

There was a time when being in recovery was a shameful secret. We have definitely come a long way. However, the stigma that surrounds addiction and recovery is still going strong. People still struggle to get help because it means that they have to admit to their loved ones they have a problem with substance misuse. We have a stereotype of what an addict/alcoholic is and people are terrified that they or someone they love will be tarred with that same brush. People who have been clean and sober for years hide their recovery because of the shame they believe it will bring to them or their families. That is why Recovery Day’s are so important.


‘Addictive Comedy’ works in much the same way as Recovery Day BC  We are starting a conversation that needs to be had, by bringing our stories into the light and sharing them with humor. People feel connected. As an audience member, you may hear your story and find you are not alone. You will hear other peoples stories and learn more about what it’s like to live with mental health problems or deal with trauma and loss. The stories run deep, some of our comedians have experienced addiction in their own life or have grown up with others in addiction. We, as humans, are interconnected and comedy brings this truth to the surface. We are opening up a difficult, hard-to-talk-about subject and having fun. It doesn’t get better than that! Addictive Comedy builds community, breaks down barriers and promotes a truckload of laughter all at the same time. Genius, right!?

I am rushing this morning because I begin teaching a brand new Addictive Comedy Course this morning and so I don’t have time to go deep today. I thought I would pick an Affirmator card and that would be my gift to you this Sunday morning. Don’t forget my friends, I love you all dearly and I’m really happy to be alive and NOT all messed up this morning from a hangover or whatever else.

I love picking this card, don’t you just love inspiration. What are you going to do today to let some of your creative energy out? Be inspired.

Love you large,

Lizzie xxx

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