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Laughing is my favourite pastime, joint first place with dancing. I tell my story through Stand-Up, it’s fun, it’s insightful and it helps people to share and identify. Being alive can be really hard at times, laughter is a great way to cope with life. Laughing together is even better. I have performed at a variety of events for a wide variety of people. The statistics say that 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem at some point in their life. I think everyone will, it’s part of being human. Please write and correct me if you are someone who has never suffered… ever.

“Lizzie Allan is one of those must see performers, who combines laugh out loud comedy. Using her own personal journey of recovery to deliver a poignant message about living life to the full, following your dreams and believing in yourself.” – Deb Drinkwater – Director of The Dry Umbrella – Manchester.


My aim is to smash stigma and raise awareness. I have spent years working on my spiritual and personal development. My talks are inspirational and motivational. I discuss all aspects of the journey from addiction and mental illness to recovery and spiritual awakening. It’s never ending and the journey continues.

Alternatively I can do a bespoke eclectic mix of speaking, comedy and rap all tailored to the client group. We can discuss this together.

“Somewhere between a TED talk, a confessional and a counselling session. You never know with Lizzie if she’s the guru or the one learning, and vice versa for the audience. And that’s the point” – Helen Malarky – Project Manager for Research and Impact at Manchester Metropolitan University

Bespoke Work Shops/Comedy Courses

Looking to offer your staff or group some awareness, insight and guidance for helping those on their journey of recovery? It doesn’t all have to be second hand experience and powerpoint presentations. That’s where I come in.

If you have a group of people who need a boost of hope to help them on their merry way this service could be the one. I help people tell their stories through stand up or simply just build confidence and find connection and unity. I have received very positive feedback from the workshops and courses I have done.

I have performed for…

NHS Mental Health Service (staff and patients), Mental Health Symposium at Salford University, Mulberry House, Foxton Centre- Homeless Café, Lancashire User Forum, Red Rose Recovery, Kirkham Prison, Human Trouble (Manchester Metropolitan University), Umbrella Dry Bar, Discover Drug and Alcohol Service and countless more performances for the recovery community and general public… Ooh I’m so grown up.


Here’s what you need to speak with Lizzie…


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