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Lizzie asked me if I would coach her. I said “No, you coach me.”
Jamie Catto
Founding member of Faithless – One Giant Leap – Life Coacher
I’ve seen Lizzie perform In front of over 250 people HMP Kirkham. Witnessing first hand lizzie’s ability to paint pictures with words that comes across as real and true, That performance commanded respect and was a pleasure to see very many hardened offenders give Lizzie their approval. I believe Lizzie can easily hold her own alongside any of today’s finest rappers.
Peter Yarwood
CEO – Red Rose Recovery
Lizzie Allan is one of those must see performers, who combines laugh out loud comedy. Using her own personal journey of recovery to deliver a poignant message about living life to the full, following your dreams and believing in yourself. This mix of comedy and awareness raising has earned Ms Allan a strong following within recovery communities and her performances are often a sell out. From social events to conferences, Ms Allans style of comedy and ability to engage with a diverse audience will always deliver the right message, with energy and confidence.
Deb Drinkwater
Director of The Dry Umbrella – Manchester
Lizzie’s stand up is phenomenal: sexy and confident but heart wrenchingly honest and self-deprecating. She carries this over in her more conversational pieces which are somewhere between a TED talk, a confessional and a counselling session. You never know with Lizzie if she’s the guru or the one learning, and vice versa for the audience. And that’s the point.
Helen Malarky
Project Manager for Research and Impact at Manchester Metropolitan University

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